Teen Braces in Brooklyn

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Braces for teenagers

Teen braces in Brooklyn
Teen braces in Brooklyn

When people think of orthodontic work, or braces in particular, people tend to think about teenagers. There is a reason why teenagers tend to be the people you see most often with braces. If your child or young teen needs to get their teeth straightened or bite aligned in Brooklyn, then our orthodontist here at SmileAlign Orthodontics can provide you with the care that you are looking for. Call us today and ask to learn more about teen braces in Brooklyn and we can start telling you about all you need to know.

Though braces are commonly associated with teens and young adults, anyone can wear braces for orthodontic treatment. Adults can often undergo the same procedures as teens (the only difference being that the process might take longer) and there are some specialized treatments for kids who are younger and may need orthodontic treatment performed on their primary teeth. The reason why teens tend to get braces more than any other type of person is because it is the optimal time to have this sort of work done. Children usually only get braces if they need interceptive orthodontics, but they may still need regular braces once they are teenagers, too. The reason why teens tend to get braces more often is because they usually have all of their permanent teeth, but since they are still growing it is easier for braces to gently guide teeth to where they need to be. This way, braces work more like a mold than a force. Because teen’s teeth and bones are still pliable while they grow and develop, and they still haven’t set yet, orthodontic treatment tends to be quicker than it is for adults, as well. If you are looking for teen braces in Brooklyn, our orthodontist here at SmileAlign Orthodontics can help.

With the help of a preliminary exam, our orthodontist can closely examine your teeth and determine what sort of work needs to be done. This initial examination and consultation will be where you discuss what options are available to you and which ones you might prefer to pursue. In order to get your journey underway with teen braces in Brooklyn, call us here at SmileAlign Orthodontics today.

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