Orthodontist in New York

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Braces in New York 

Orthodontist in New York
Orthodontist in New York

If you want straighter teeth, braces are typically the method used to achieve that goal. Traditional metal braces have advantages and they continue to be a popular choice even after all these years because they’re cost-effective and they work. But there are other options available at SmileAlign Orthodontics. Our goal is to provide something for everyone when it comes to realigning teeth. Our orthodontist in New York can offer ceramic braces, the clear aligner system called Invisalign, and braces that go behind the teeth. The purpose of these array of selections is acknowledging that everyone wants straight, healthy teeth, but beyond that you are a unique individual and your priorities reflect that.
Metal braces are familiar to just about everyone. For some people, they are the best way to go. This is especially true if you have a particularly severe alignment problem with your teeth. Metal braces also tend to work more quickly. But what if you’re concerned about how you’re going to look when you wear them or you’re worried that they might not be comfortable to wear? Our orthodontist in New York is pleased to tell you about alternatives that we provide.
Invisalign is made of plastic and as such, it won’t dig into your gums and possibly cause you pain. It’s also virtually undetectable when you wear it. Being clear, it lets your teeth show right through. You also can avoid food restrictions because you take our your Invisalign aligner when you eat. Yes, it’s removable. You also take it out to brush and floss. Otherwise, it stays in all day and all night, even while you sleep. You will wear from 12 to 48 aligners during the course of your treatment, with each one being made right here by our orthodontist in New York, using advanced 3-D technology for the most precise and efficient fit possible.
Ceramic braces are also cosmetically advantageous. They have the same color as your teeth, and are available in various shades to match your natural tooth color. Ceramic also resists stains, so if you’re a fan of coffee, tea, red wine, or any number of foods and drinks that tend to stain teeth (and let’s not forget tobacco), you can expect your ceramic braces to hold their color much better. Not every choice is right for everyone, so call us today and schedule a consultation with our orthodontist in New York to find out which type of braces is the best for you.

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