Orthodontist in Midwood NY

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Braces in Midwood

Orthodontist in Midwood NY
Orthodontist in Midwood NY

Are you looking for a great orthodontist for you or for your child? If so, we recommend that you come to visit us at our practice, SmileAlign Orthodontics. Our orthodontist in Midwood NY is able to provide patients with a wide variety of braces options that are great for both children and adults. Many kids love designing their metal braces with our new “Brace Painter” that can be found on our website.

When you need a top-notch orthodontist in Midwood NY to help create a beautiful and healthy smile, you will do no better than to visit us at SmileAlign Orthodontics. Our experienced orthodontist is Dr. Ted Wohl. Our practice has been providing excellent and caring orthodontic treatment for over forty years. However, our dentist is constantly improving his treatment process and keeping up to date on new techniques and materials. When you come to our practice for the first time, Dr. Wohl will examine your bite situation, and let you know which treatment options will work best for you.

After your consultation with our orthodontist in Midwood NY you will know which braces treatment will work best with your specific bite, as well as how long the treatment is expected to take. Our office will also provide you with a cost estimate so that you will be able to decide which the treatment route that you will want to go with is. You will also be excited that you are one step closer to getting the smile you have always dreamed of – or knowing that your child is about to embark on a life-changing treatment that will make his or her life happier. For adults we offer treatment with Invisalign clear plastic aligners. If your bite can be treated with this system you will be able have orthodontic treatment without anyone even knowing it. Invisalign is often called “invisible braces.” Some of the other braces that we offer are traditional metal braces, and clear ceramic braces. The brackets on our metal braces are much smaller than the braces of the past. And our kids love to customize the colorful elastics to match something meaningful in their life, such as a favorite sports team. Of course, many kids simply go with their favorite colors and enjoy seeing them in their smile! Clear braces are popular with older teens and adults and are made to closely match the color of your teeth. They are less visually obtrusive than metal braces. If you would like to visit our orthodontist for a consultation, contact us today.

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