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Sheepshead Bay Invisible Braces

Does you constantly hesitate to smile for friends or co-workers due to the unsightly appearance of overlapping and gaping teeth? Inadequate spacing in your smile can be more than just a cosmetic problem, but is in fact one of the first signs of a malocclusion. Also known as a bite problem, malocclusions can form in the mouths of patients of all ages, and will only grow worse without adequate care. Fortunately, this does not mean that you require braces. Alternative orthodontics offers many discreet and effective options for patients of all ages. You can find the care you need for a beautiful smile with an appointment for Invisalign in Sheephead Bay at the state of the art offices of SmileAlign Orthodontics.

Invisalign is one of the most gentle and convenient forms of orthodontic care available today. Unlike other forms of care, Invisalign works to correct bite problems without the need for any type of metal or the need for tooth-colored brackets. Invisalign is in fact a system of clear plastic retainers which are made from impressions and digital images of your teeth to gradually shift teeth into their proper positions over time. Your plastic retainers are made to snap into place for a snug fit that you never need to worry about readjusting throughout the day, and yet are still easily removed for regular cleaning as well as during meals. This means that patients who opt to use Invisalign to correct their smiles can do so without needing to make any alterations to their diets, so you never have to worry about difficult cleaning routines either. Not only is Invisalign more convenient, but it’s also safer and gentler for your teeth. Braces can collect plaque and spread tooth decay, and require regular tightening to proceed with orthodontic treatment. Care through Invisalign progresses through new sets of Invisalign retainers which are given out at your appointment every two weeks with your source for Invisalign in Sheephead Bay . On average, Invisalign can be completed in about 12 months, with exact times varying from case to case due to type and severity of bite problems. Invisalign can treat more bite problems today than ever before, and is a perfect choice for teenagers and adults alike.

For the very best in Invisalign in Sheephead Bay , be sure to visit the experts at the esteemed practice of Smile Align Orthodontics. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff proudly serve your local community with the latest advances in dental technology to treat patients of all ages and levels of need, from children to adults, with orthodontics and even TMJ treatments. With Invisalign systems from the Smile Align Orthodontics, you can achieve a beautiful smile without having to change your way of life.

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