Invisalign in Brooklyn

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Invisalign in Brooklyn
Invisalign in Brooklyn

One thing teens and adults can agree on is the desire for straighter teeth without much visual attention drawn to their smile while it is covered in traditional metal braces. For those seeking more information regarding Invisalign in Brooklyn to see if this method of teeth straightening by using clear plastic aligner trays is right for you, begin with a complimentary consultation with Dr. Wohl of SmileAlign Orthodontics. We are a recognized certified Invisalign braces provider and can determine if this method can provide your desired end result.

Beyond the consultation, the first step of the process with Invisalign in Brooklyn at SmileAlign Orthodontics involves creating a 3-D digital image of your teeth allowing the customized creation of your invisible and removable aligners. Patients wear a set of aligner trays for approximately two weeks and as your teeth align, a new tray will be used. This process is repeated over the course of 9 – 15 months until your teeth are properly straightened and you may require the use of 18 – 30 trays during treatment. One of the many benefits of using Invisalign braces is the ability to remove the aligners allowing you to eat, drink, brush and floss without limitations. Additionally, patients report a higher level of comfort than metal braces as you will not have any metal or wires that may poke, scratch or cut inside your mouth. Another benefit is your reduced number of required office visits. Traditional metal braces require adjustments while Invisalign simply involves using the next set of trays.

In addition to providing a straighter and naturally beautiful smile, having properly aligned teeth will also allow you and your dental professional to thoroughly clean between your teeth allowing you to enjoy healthier gums. To schedule your free consultation about Invisalign in Brooklyn at SmileAlign Orthodontics, simply contact our team of personable and knowledgeable professionals. We can also answer many of your new patient questions including participating insurance providers, alternate methods of payment as well as any other concerns you may have about our office. We look forward to meeting with you to determine if Invisalign aligners are the best treatment for straightening your teeth with low visual impact, minimal discomfort and convenient office visits.

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