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Braces in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Orthodontics
Brooklyn Orthodontics

Have you been thinking that you would like to get braces as an adult, since you never have them as a child? Or are you beginning to investigate the many different possibilities for your child’s braces treatment? In either event you will want to come to our expert orthodontic office where both you and your child can receive top-notch orthodontic treatment. When you need Brooklyn orthodontics care and want to have a wide variety of braces options, come to us for a consultation at SmileAlign Orthodontics.

Our expert and highly trained orthodontist is Dr. Ted Wohl. At our orthodontic practice we love to create beautiful smiles. We pride ourselves on helping patients get healthy, aesthetic, and long-lasting smiles. It has been proven that having a great smile contributes to a person’s self-esteem. When patients come to us for Brooklyn orthodontics treatment they are happy to learn that they generally have several different braces options to choose from. After a full consultation with our orthodontist, he will be happy to discuss with you the many different options available. Options will depend on your individual tooth situation and personal preferences. Our orthodontist will be able to discuss the pros and cons of each braces option and help you determine which the best way for you to go is with your or your child’s braces treatment

At our Brooklyn orthodontics practice we are happy to be able to offer many different braces options for our patients. A favorite option among our adult patients is that of Invisalign invisible braces. Invisalign is actually a collection of clear plastic aligners. They are so thoroughly enjoyed by our patients because they allow you to have orthodontic treatment almost in total anonymity. The clear plastic aligners cannot be seen by others while you are wearing them, so you are able to attend work and social functions without any embarrassment that you are having orthodontic treatment. Treatment with Invisalign takes about the same amount of time as treatment does with traditional metal braces. The metal braces that we offer are much more aesthetically appealing than the more traditional metal braces were. This is because the metal brackets are now much smaller and less visually overwhelming. They are also more comfortable for the braces wearer. We also are happy to offer clear and tooth-colored ceramic braces. These braces are enjoyed by many people who want to have a braces solution that is less obvious than having metal braces. We also offer lingual braces which are worn behind the teeth and cannot easily be detected by others. For a full orthodontic consultation contact our office today.

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