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Brooklyn Braces

Have you noticed a pain in your jaws, or teeth which appear to be overlapping with one another? Aches in your mouth and unsightly teeth can be more than just minor annoyances, but can often indicate a bite problem beginning to form. Symptoms of a malocclusion in children can include difficulty eating correctly as well as trouble speaking clearly. Fortunately, the process of treating bite problems has never been easier or more effective than it is today. You can find the exact level of care your smile needs no matter what your age or level of severity with Brooklyn Braces from the state of the art practice of SmileAlign Orthodontics.

For children, braces are the most efficient and effective mode of care in use today. However, orthodontic care often needs to begin at a much earlier age than many of us realize. While most parents will recall braces occurring in their teenage years, recent studies have proven

Braces Sheepshead Bay
Braces Sheepshead Bay

that waiting this long only serves to cause further damage to your smile. By beginning treatment at the age of seven years old, your child’s Brooklyn braces will not only work to prevent further harm from occurring, but will also work more efficiently than they ever would as a teenager. The sooner your child begins their care, the less time they will actually spend within their braces.

For adults, braces do not have to be as unsightly or as awful as the idea may seem. However, the longer you put off treatment, the worse the problem will become and the fewer options you will have for your treatment. Invisalign is one of the most popular options for care, as this method does not utilize any form of actual braces. This system of plastic retainers works to gradually shift teeth back into their correct positions without the need for altering your diet. Invisalign is the most gentle and discreet option for orthodontic treatment, and is available for both teenagers and adults alike. For patients who require more extensive care, cosmetic Brooklyn braces utilize tooth colored material such as ceramics and clear plastics in order to disappear onto the surface of your teeth. Clear ceramic braces are able to provide the same level of care as traditional methods, without the appearance of metal.

For the very best in Brooklyn braces, be sure to visit the experts at the esteemed offices of SmileAlign Orthodontics. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff proudly offer a wide variety of orthodontic care options for patients of all ages and levels of need with the use of the latest advances in dental technology and procedure, including clear braces and Invisalign systems. With braces and oral devices from SmileAlign Orthodontics, you can achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

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