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Are you concerned about the level of care you or your children may require in order to discover healthy and beautiful smiles? The longer malocclusions, also known as bite problems, are allowed to persist, the more the difficult the treatment required for them can become. Fortunately, not all types of orthodontic care require the look of unsightly wires. Adults today can find the help they need to achieve a beautiful smile in a way that never impacts their self-esteem in the same practice where children can find the care they need to grow into healthy teeth with braces in Brooklyn form the state of the art practice of Smile Align Orthodontics.

Braces Sheepshead Bay
Braces Sheepshead Bay

If your son or daughter seems to be having an increasing level of difficult chewing their food correctly at the dinner table or simple articulating their words, these issues can be more than a behavioral problem, but are in fact symptoms of a developing bite problem. Recent studies have proven that by treating malocclusions at an earlier age, you can actually work to decrease your child’s time in braces and stop many problems from ever developing and needing additional care. At the age of seven years old, parents should be sure to book an appointment with their local source for braces in Brooklyn for a diagnosis and treatment of malocclusions.

For adults looking to correct bite problems at a later age in life, there are many options available which can provide effective treatment without the look of metal braces. Invisalign orthodontics is not actually braces, but is in fact a system of removable plastic retainers that work to comfortably shift teeth into their natural and beautiful positions, all while being invisible to the naked eye. However, not all bite problems are able to be treated with Invisalign due to their type and level of severity. Fortunately, in these cases patients can always turn to ceramic braces in Brooklyn. Ceramic braces utilize clear and tooth colored alternatives to metal braces, and can be made to perfectly match the shade of your own smile. These braces can be used just as traditional metal braces are to correct more severe bite problems for a straight and healthy smile you will love to show off.

You can find the care you need for patients of all ages with braces in Brooklyn at the welcoming offices of SmileAlign Orthodontics. Our fully licensed and professionally staff proudly serve your local community with the latest advances in oral health care technology and procedure for the treatment of bite problems in patients of all ages, as well as jaw disorders such as TMD or TMJ. With the help of SmileAlign Orthodontics you can find the perfect treatment to give you the smile you deserve.

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